Did you know that you may be helping train artificially intelligent ‪facial recognition algorithms? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? That is one of the questions being asked by The Faces Project, a group of rising 5th graders at Baden Academy. Facial recognition has been in the […]

Lillia shares some amazing discoveries we’ve made in our solar system. Her discoveries led her, with co-author Jonah Felder, to write a children’s book on the Huygen’s mission to Saturn’s moon, Titan. Jonah and Lillia, two elementary students from Baden Academy, were amazed by the true story of Earth sending […]

The Baden Academy Plastic Pollution Police had a wonderful first year! Check out all of their highlights in the video and then go to their website at plasticpollutionpolice.weebly.com.

Our Anti Drowning Technology Fellowship has some great news to share of their hard work in the lab and from home! They also have a very important message for summertime drowning prevention. Find out more about their project at https://antidrowningtech.weebly.com/

Gianna Piatt, Gavin McGee, Gavin Kolder, and Alexandra DiCicco celebrate physics, chemistry, and biology of cooking! Their yearlong fellowship has included two films and a canceled field trip as the coronavirus sent us home to finish several editing projects. The MG KIDS learn chemistry and have fun cooking up Molecular […]

The Water Sustainability Team (along with the Baden Academy Future City Team) was able to visit the Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa. Join them and learn as they did the journey your water takes to get to the tap! Find out more at there website at bacswatersustainability.weebly.com/

Fun Guys Composting Project Report 2020 comes complete with a recap of the amazing things these kids accomplished this year. The Fun Guys are dedicated to educating others about the benefits of composting, encouraging all of our classmates to start a home composting project, assisting our school cafeteria to start […]