Books and Games


Do you want to write a book or design a game in the media lab?  Find out more by watching the video.

Congratulations to our published authors!  Students can spend up to three years writing a book.  They partner with professional mentors, specialists in the field, to get the science and engineering details correct.  Students learn storytelling, text and graphic design, photographic and editing tools, publishing process, and promotion.

Baden Academy Authors
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Research Fellow authors create books with leading scientists, academics, and professionals about  21st century scientific, engineering, and computational discoveries they are passionate about. We have learned the best collaborations come when students tell real-world stories about scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs working at the cutting edge of modern technology. Once the books are written, fellows explore e-publishing, e-commerce, and merchandising. Click on the links below to purchase one of our fellowship masterpieces.  Any and all profits are donated to charity.

Fellows also use a variety of platforms to create games.