Fun Guys Composting Project Report 2020 comes complete with a recap of the amazing things these kids accomplished this year. The Fun Guys are dedicated to educating others about the benefits of composting, encouraging all of our classmates to start a home composting project, assisting our school cafeteria to start […]

Spencer West Leadership Workshop for our Take Action Club took place online in May. Our Take Action Team is having an amazing time with Spencer West from We Movement. He is so inspiring, particularly as we say goodbye at the end of this school year. For those who missed his […]

The Baden Academy Fun Guys want to invite you to begin composting. While plans to begin composting our cafeteria waste at school have temporarily been put on hold, the concepts they review hold true for home composting too! Enjoy the film and remember to play in the dirt. Find out […]

Luke Badaczewski from the Sisters of St. Joseph was in the media lab today with The Fun Guys filming a section for their upcoming composting film. The Fun Guys are working with 3rd grade to start composting some of our cafeteria waste? Mr. B was in the lab teaches us […]