The Baden Academy Media Lab
inspires kids

to creatively collaborate
with academics and professions
on meaningful projects
in science, technology and engineering.

1. Innovation

Imagineering a more beautiful world with meaningful projects solving real-world problems.

2. Critical Thinking

Seeking credible articulations of truth, putting science first, and using art to help communicate effectively.

3. Collaboration

Partnering with our school, our community, and mentors around the globe in ways that unify goals and promote cooperation and collective success.

4. Resilience

Taking risks, adapting to stress, and overcoming the unexpected as we trust that the walls we face are surmountable.

5. Self-Awareness

Developing a growth mindset and celebrating failures as learning opportunities while graciously accepting constructive feedback.

6. Leadership

Cultivating servant leadership habits and behaviors that seek to abilify the gifts of others.

7. Vision

Questing for a worthy legacy.