Watch the Mega Math Mistakes Project Highlights 2019-2020. The Mega Math Mistakes team of Anaiah and Elizabeth dig deep to discover where the simple math mistakes cost millions. Find out more at their website Throughout the course of modern history, there have been several companies, engineers, and government officials […]

Enjoy the Baden Dreams 2019-20 Project Update. This team of 4th and 6th graders works hard to promote our research fellow’s projects by teaching them to cultivate an entrepreneur’s mindset and the use of print-on-demand services to promote their brands.  Go to their website and peruse the collection of […]

Take Action club has wrapped up for the year with their Monday after school meetings. Enjoy the Take Action Highlights of the year and … puppies. Madison and Dante (with their adopted co-leader Molly) did a great year leading the club. While they are sad to have lost opportunities and […]

Co-authors Ava Smith and Grayce Beaver read aloud Seurat Makes A Point The book celebrates Georges Seurat with Mrs. Keriotis 2018-19 Kindergarten class. To purchase the book, please visit Proceeds from the book go to We Charities to support children around the world. Find out more at

The Baden Academy Plastic Pollution Police had a great opportunity to interview Natalie Fee. She is the founder of City to Sea, an environmental not-for-profit centered in the United Kingdom on a mission to stop plastic pollution. She is an award-winning environmentalist, author, and performer. Find out more about their […]

One school year in and this game design team is still working hard on their Digital Tour of a Nuclear Plant. Catch up with their fearless leader Jacob, the intrepid Asher, Josef Shipley, Joey Sutton, and (in absentia) Joey Leese! We can’t wait to see the progress the team makes […]

Arion Haeggans from the Rare Earth Elements Fellowship helps us understand the importance that Scandium has in our lives, how unique it is, and why it is critical for our infrastructure. When Baden Academy went online, our eighty-five fellows at the school needed to find a way to collaborate online […]