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Dr. Ellen Cavanaugh

Dr. Ellen Cavanaugh

Director, Media Lab

Academic Credentials

Ph.D. Systematic Theology, Duquesne University
Masters in Education, Duquesne University
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Secondary Education, magna cum laude, Duquesne University

Educational Philosophy

I believe that kids can make a meaningful contribution to the world right now, they are capable of partnering with adults and mentors, and bring idealism, enthusiasm, and tenacity to the world’s biggest problems. I am convinced that problem-based learning, involved projects that ignite the curiosity and require intergenerational and interdisciplinary collaboration to solve a problem of local or global import are the best opportunities in which to grow inquisitive lifelong learners who thrive in the new conceptual age. I further believe that parents are one of the most critical elements to help young people grow as innovative, thoughtful, collaborative, compassionate, resilient, and visionary leaders.  I am a humble teacher, willing to learn alongside my students and marvel at the discoveries they come upon that change my thinking. I am an enthusiastic teacher seeking to learn more each day and model for students’ joy in the quest for new knowledge, skill, and understanding.  I ask students to reach new levels of rigor, precision, and perseverance and I celebrate critical thinking and belly laughs.

I seek to recognize the diversity of intelligence, the power of imagination and creativity, and the importance of intrinsic motivation to thrive as human beings. My educational philosophy strives to provide an environment where students can explore their passions as they grow confident in the skills they need to become digital storytellers, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) athletes, and world changers. This philosophy is at the heart of my company, Grow a Generation and my latest book, Parenting in the 21st Century: Grow a Generation.

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Mr. Jacob Gorczyca

Mr. “Jake” Jacob Gorczyca

Inter-dimensional Mission Control and Project Manager

Academic Credentials

Psychology, Penn State University 2014

In the Media Lab

Mr. Jake is often seen working with a small group of fellows in the lab, getting them oriented to the many skills they are asked to quickly adopt. He has been essential in preparing curriculum on cloud computing, crafting a mission, creating a brand, designing a website, scriptwriting, filming and video production.

Mr. Jake also serves as the chess coach at Baden Academy and often steps in as a substitute coach with Robotics, Future Engineers, Future City, and even Take Action clubs. He is indispensable in his ability to repair 3D printers, computers, Arduino coding, and the personal problems of everyone who drops by the Media Lab to talk.

Please treat him well! We cannot afford to lose him.

Baden Academy

The Media Lab is a program offered by Baden Academy Charter School. Baden Academy is a public charter school in Western PA working to inspire personal excellence. They cultivate the inherent gifts and talents present in all children by providing a curriculum that integrates the arts and sciences in a highly interactive, hands-on environment.   

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Grow a Generation

The Media Lab is provided through contracted services of Grow a Generation, a company who makes meaningful projects possible. Find out more at