Take Action club has wrapped up for the year with their Monday after school meetings. Enjoy the Take Action Highlights of the year and … puppies. Madison and Dante (with their adopted co-leader Molly) did a great year leading the club. While they are sad to have lost opportunities and […]

Spencer West Leadership Workshop for our Take Action Club took place online in May. Our Take Action Team is having an amazing time with Spencer West from We Movement. He is so inspiring, particularly as we say goodbye at the end of this school year. For those who missed his […]

Baden Academy Origami Cranes were mailed to Japan and now hang in the Hiroshima Peace Garden. Enjoy the Take Action film about this great donation. Go to bacstakeaction.weebly.com to find out more about this incredible club.

Take Action Service Learning Club as part of Research Fellows Project of Isabella Rivera  and Madison Harper Alternate Tuesdays Open to 3rd-6th grade Begins: Oct. 23 Would you like to help others?! The Take Action Learning club is a part of the We Schools program and includes a full calendar of […]

1240 rolls + 6 loaves by over 250 volunteers from grades K-6 and ages 5 to 90 delivered to Meals on Wheels! Thank you to all the volunteers Aleenia Reich and Bella Rivera (great Take Action Leaders) Taylor Breaden (amazing Take Action coach!!!!) 48 Take Action kids from grades 3 […]

A check for $240 was sent today to We Charity.  The club worked hard to organize a hoagie sale and the school community generously responded with a sell out.  Thank you! Aleenia, our club leader, had spent a week this past summer at the Take Action Leadership Summit in Toronto.  […]

Members of the Take Action Club will be attending the We Day celebration in New York City on September 20.  Get a taste of what this amazing event is about! Tune into the National WE Day Broadcast  August 4th on CBS to celebrate the incredible actions youth are taking to make positive […]

Aleenia (the extraordinary 5th grade leader of the Take Action Club featured in the Beaver County Times and the Frontiers in Learning podcast who won the PA Statewide Afterschool Youth Champion Award) needs your help.  She is attending the Me to We Take Action camp in Ontario and then leading […]