Take Action Club Receives Grant

Baden Academy is thrilled and honored to be part of the WE Schools Movement. Our Take Action club has received a grant of $250 to support work with local and global social justice initiatives.

Our Take Action club is honored to be among 18,000 schools around the world with 3.8 million youth working to change the headlines of the most pressing headlines. The club empowers its members to take meaningful projects and become local and global citizens. 82% of We School students value their education more after joining the We School Take Action group. 89% of disconnected students felt more motivated to go to college or university. 81% of alumni feel We Schools helped them identify their career goals. The message that carries each meeting and action is that young people can make a difference.

Find out more about our Take Action club at bacstakeaction.weebly.com. Look for announcements in the next few weeks by leaders Molly Gallagher and Madison Harper. We will begin online meetings before the end of the month!

Thank you We Schools for the $250. We will spend it wisely!

Enjoy the highlights from 2019-20!

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