Take Action club has wrapped up for the year with their Monday after school meetings. Enjoy the Take Action Highlights of the year and … puppies. Madison and Dante (with their adopted co-leader Molly) did a great year leading the club. While they are sad to have lost opportunities and […]

Spencer West Leadership Workshop for our Take Action Club took place online in May. Our Take Action Team is having an amazing time with Spencer West from We Movement. He is so inspiring, particularly as we say goodbye at the end of this school year. For those who missed his […]

The Pollinators fellowship worked closely with 1st-grade teachers and Sr. Lyn to bring together the first part of a Unit involving the bees on the Sr. of St. Joseph campus. Sr Lyn is helping Mrs. Biggins first grade understand bees. The Pollinators are partnering with first graders to grow pollinator […]