Take Action Club Receives Grant

Baden Academy is thrilled and honored to be part of the WE Schools Movement. Our Take Action club has received a grant of $250 to support work with local and...

New Fellows Applications Available!

Welcome back to Baden Academy for another year! Below is a video announcing our plans in the Media Lab for this year - challenges for everyone, fellowships for grades 3...

Delana and Ava in Page Turners

GoErie.com featured Delana Duncan's and Ava Rossi's new book, A Whole New World: E-Commerce for Kids. Check out the great press. If you don't have your copy yet, buy one...

Facial Recognition and The Faces Project

Did you know that you may be helping train artificially intelligent ‪facial recognition algorithms? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? That is one of the questions being...

Beta Testers Needed

https://youtu.be/-uq2XR7zVIQ Our Endangered Game Fellowship team needs your help. Can you beta test their game and add your comments to improve it? The game requires a printer, scissors, and about...

The Baden Academy Fun Guys want to invite you to begin composting. While plans to begin composting our cafeteria waste at school have temporarily been put on hold, the concepts they review hold true for home composting too! Enjoy the film and remember to play in the dirt. Find out […]

The Nerd Battalion had the wonderful opportunity to interview of Helen Daage of the Air Force Association. Helen works with the Air Force Association has a National Youth Cyber Education Program in an age where cybercrime diverts 1% of the global economy. Check out the three parts of the interview. […]

Our Plastic Pollution Police were inspired by leading environmental experts to stop the spread of plastic pollution. The Plastic Pollution Police are here and they are on a mission to stop the spread of plastic pollution. Learn about the global plastic problem, and how recycling may not be the best […]

Jonah Felder and Lillia Gouldsbarry take you on a journey spanning 4.9 Billion miles to explore a moon of Saturn. Enjoy them reading aloud their new book Huygens: Earth’s Farthest Robotic Outpost. This book was two years in the making (more than 20 when you count all the work the […]

Baden Academy Origami Cranes were mailed to Japan and now hang in the Hiroshima Peace Garden. Enjoy the Take Action film about this great donation. Go to bacstakeaction.weebly.com to find out more about this incredible club.

Authors Sophie Panella and Kylee Chamberlain were thrilled to present their new book about George Washington at Logstown to the Logstown Associates Historical Society. The group was so impressed, they asked if the girls could make a recording the Society could use in their conversations with local and state leaders.

The Pollinators fellowship worked closely with 1st-grade teachers and Sr. Lyn to bring together the first part of a Unit involving the bees on the Sr. of St. Joseph campus. Sr Lyn is helping Mrs. Biggins first grade understand bees. The Pollinators are partnering with first graders to grow pollinator […]