Baden Academy Charter School is thrilled to announce the 2013-14 Research Fellows. Twelve third and fourth graders were chosen from twenty-two applications. Projects range from space radiation shielding to App Development. The Research Fellows Program at the school is available by application to students in grades three and up. They […]

Owen longed to make math education challenging and fun. He worked with mentor Aileen Owens from South Fayette High School to develop a Scratch Game for 1st graders to work with addition and subtraction equations. He began two great traditions. The first of research fellows working with classrooms and teachers […]

Eli L. is a 3rd grade Research Fellow at Baden Academy Charter School. He dreams of creating 6-Dimensional Film experiences. (A cinematic experience that allows the movie-goer to be fully immersed by actually entering the film.) His project this year was to create a documentary of the first year of the […]

How do we create a map and find a way to get where we want to go? A trip to the Beaver County Airport became a lesson in the history of navigation, the importance of collision alerts, and the technology of mapping a way there and back again. Second and […]

Isabella Kelm loves dolphins.  When asked what she wanted to do as a research fellow project at the Baden Academy media lab, she immediately thought of dolphins! She wanted to write a book about dolphins, and mermaids, and Sparkle Lakes.  She was partnered with a mentor, Cheryl Bonnes. Cheryl is […]