Baden Academy Stained Glass Club Visits the Beaver County Industrial Museum. The Baden Academy Stained Glass Club Visited the Beaver County Industrial Museum in the winter of 2019. Enjoy their reflections and photos. Considering visiting the museum! Find out more at http://www.beavercountyindustrialmuse… Discover the excitement that is the Baden Academy […]

The Anti Drowning Technology Fellows featured the Safety Turtle in a previous video. They were thrilled to receive one test. Fortunately, Felicity was a member of the Sewickley YMCA Swim Team and Coach Kelly was eager to help. Enjoy their video and stay vigilant in preventing drowning, particularly in children. […]

The MG Kids made Fruit Spaghetti at the Baden Academy Harvest Festival. Now it’s your turn. Follow the recipe and try to become a molecular gastronomist at home. The MG KIDS learn chemistry and have fun cooking up Molecular Gastronomy recipes. Their advice… PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD! Visit their website […]