One school year in and this game design team is still working hard on their Digital Tour of a Nuclear Plant. Catch up with their fearless leader Jacob, the intrepid Asher, Josef Shipley, Joey Sutton, and (in absentia) Joey Leese! We can’t wait to see the progress the team makes […]

Arion Haeggans from the Rare Earth Elements Fellowship helps us understand the importance that Scandium has in our lives, how unique it is, and why it is critical for our infrastructure. When Baden Academy went online, our eighty-five fellows at the school needed to find a way to collaborate online […]

Enjoy the Sun Superheroes Project Update 2019-2020. The team has finished another great year in the media lab. I am so sad to be saying goodbye as both girls head to new schools! Destiney – keep hanging onto that Parker Solar Probe! You can find out more at their website […]

The Rare Earth Elements Fellowship Team is on a mission to raise awareness about our critical need for Rare Earth Elements and what they are. Check out our website at They work hard to research, interview experts, and make videos about the seventeen rare-earth elements to raise awareness and […]

Jack Hank from Plastic Pollution Police Talks About TrueEarth Laundry Detergent. Jack Hank is a 3rd grader at Baden Academy Charter School and a research fellow in the Plastic Pollution Police fellowship.  His love of nature and commitment to small victories in eliminating plastic pollution led him to discover an […]

In 1996, a man sued Pepsi for not giving him a Harrier Jet. The Mega Math Mistakes team of Anaiah and Elizabeth dig deep to discover where the simple math mistake was that could have cost Pepsi one and a half million dollars. The girls do a great job helping […]

The Baden Academy Fun Guys want to invite you to begin composting. While plans to begin composting our cafeteria waste at school have temporarily been put on hold, the concepts they review hold true for home composting too! Enjoy the film and remember to play in the dirt. Find out […]

The Nerd Battalion had the wonderful opportunity to interview of Helen Daage of the Air Force Association. Helen works with the Air Force Association has a National Youth Cyber Education Program in an age where cybercrime diverts 1% of the global economy. Check out the three parts of the interview. […]

Authors Sophie Panella and Kylee Chamberlain were thrilled to present their new book about George Washington at Logstown to the Logstown Associates Historical Society. The group was so impressed, they asked if the girls could make a recording the Society could use in their conversations with local and state leaders.